Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kingdom Partners!

I have a fantastic privilege in my vocation!!!  I have the honor of working alongside and partnering with some wonderful Kingdom-minded people who are sold out in their devotion to Jesus and following the Way.  If you don't know some of these folks and their ministries, take a few moments to check them out.  They're all looking for financial support.  Many are hiring summer staff.  All need our prayers.

I've been doing the annual college summer camp fair recruiting gig and have been hanging around some great people from The Pittsburgh Project (where I used to serve on staff), and Urban Impact, some fellow North side 'burghers.  I've also met some new friends from Urban Promise and Mont Lawn Camp .   It is such an honor to serve alongside such great people who sacrifice much in order to follow faithfully.  I can't wait to be back with them over the next two days.

I also had the chance to share the Word on Saturday with some blessed peeps in Homestead, PA who call themselves 8th Ave. Place.  They are a coffee shop based relational ministry and they've been living in community in struggling Homestead to be light in the darkness.  And God honors their devotion and their sacrifice.

To me, this is the Church...the ekklesia.  People living their lives simply following Jesus...every day, in every way.  And it doesn't get any better than that...

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