Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Dance With Who Brung Ya"

Our pastor is preaching a series entitled "Follow Through."  We've been working through Haggai and Malachi and learning about how followers of Jesus follow through and what leads us to shrink backwards.  We've been thoroughly enjoying the preaching and have been greatly challenged.

So this week, one comment that stuck out was when Gary said that we should "dance with who brung ya!"  In other words, when you go to a dance with a particular person, you don't dance with someone else.  He went on to expound about how God has brought us to this dance, but we quickly abandon him for more "attractive" partners.  We've been encouraged to return to our first love and dance this dance of life with the Lord who has brought us into new life.

Carla and I have been discussing about how God has brought us to this dance and what He's brought us from. We've also been humbled about some ways we have sought different "dance partners."  What about you?