Friday, February 29, 2008

I can put weight on it!

Wow. Soon, I can go potty all by myself and tie my own shoes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Questions I Ask Myself...

So I'm sitting here and from time to time, I check the blog roll. I have noticed something. My last blog post was about Scripture and stuff and how many comments did I get? Zilcho!

But, I blog about pooping and I get 15 comments!

So, does this say more about me, or the people who read my blog?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Easier Said Than Done!

You know how many times I have shared Isaiah 40:28-31 with people who were going through difficulties? I've lost track! And even this week, I texted these verses to young people from C3 for them to read with me. But I have discovered that it is sometimes harder to hear and accept them when you're sitting on the other side of the Bible, so to speak. What good is the very Word of God if we don't really listen and internalize it? How can we truly be pointed to the Mighty One if we don't wrestle with Him? What good is good news if it doesn't change and transform people? So today, I'm asking the Lord to give me strength to WAIT upon Him...even though I'm starting to go batty from sitting in this chair with my leg up on ice!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Big News!!

I pooped!!! You know, after they dehydrate you for surgery, then after you puke up everything after surgery for the first 15 hours, then after you take those intestinal dumbing pain pills, this can be a great post-op concern. But alas, as my profile indicates. Life is good...for I have pooped.

I'll keep you updated as I progress with my healing, and as they say, film at 11:00!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Post Op Report

Well, I had to have the total ACL reconstruction so it was more than I bargained for. I have to have my knee totally immobilized for two weeks so it will be at least that long on crutches. I see the doctor on March 3 to decide when and how to start rehab. Thanks to the Harris' family, our house is now wireless so I'm able to at least be in touch w/ the online world. Anywho, just thought I'd let you know. And yes, I am bored. Pray for me, but pray for Carla more!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick Updates!

First, 5 of us from C3 pulled a 37 hour round trip road trip to South Dakota to attend the funeral of our good friend's father. Our drummer Mike's dad passed away after a hard battle so five of us from our men's group and "boy band" went to support him. What an awesome church we have!!!

Then our youth did the 30 hour famine this weekend and it was awesome. We may not have the biggest youth group in the free world, but I am proud of how our kids are growing and going in ministry. Good schtuff...or should I say, God schtuff!!!

I am having surgery tomorrow to fix my torn ACL in my right knee. I'll be absent from bloggerland for a while (I can hear the cheers now...)

Here is my latest update to our congregation:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This blog post has been cancelled due to the winter storm of '08.

Friday, February 08, 2008

WARNING: An (offensive) explanation!

Now I know most of you (except for the ones who know the inside joke) are wondering what the heck that previous post is all about. It was my, as Keith puts it, droll attempt at exposing the latest American craze: being offended!

We LOVE to be offended. We go out of our way to be offended. Being offended isn't just a right, but a highly sought after privilege. We are offended about EVERYTHING these days.

And lemme tell you, I am sick of it! We need to grow up! We need to stop being so ridiculous. We need to exercise our bigger right and privilege to be free. Free to read this or not to. Free to watch/listen/read something in the media or not to. Freedom to follow Christ or not to. Instead, we seem to be obsessed with simply practicing the freedom to be offended.

You think people liked it when Jesus called them snakes and whitewashed tombs? You think Peter liked it when Jesus called him Satan? Did they walk around saying "I'm offended."

No, they practiced their God-given freedom to either follow or leave. Some left, and some like Peter grew up and sought out the truth in the "offensive" statement and grew to be more Christlike in it.

So what are we gonna do with such a childish national obsession? I, for one, am attempting to grow up. Thanks for "offending" me from time to time. I'm hoping that my faith, hope, and love are actually stronger for it...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WARNING: THIS BLOG MAY BE OFFENSIVE!!! (sorry if the caps are considered offensive) (sorry if my alarming title has offended you)

WARNING: (again, sorry if you consider writing in caps to be offensive (sorry if you consider writing in abbreviations such as "caps" instead of capital letters to be offensive))

You are about to enter an offensive blog post!!!! (The use of one or more exclamation points (or any other punctuation marks is not now, or previously intended to be offensive in ANY (or any) way) You MUST (or must) certify that you have thick skin (I'm sorry if I offended any people with physiologically thick skin. I was attempting to use a metaphor (which is not intended to be offensive to anyone who may find metaphorical statements to be in any way offensive nor is it intended to show preference to metaphors, and is not intended to offensively degrade or lessen the importance of simile or other literary tools)) to read this (or any other, including, but not limited to previous or future, or linked) blog entry or entries.

Please click HERE if you wish not to be offended or if you are offended easily. (If you offended by embedded links in a blog, I apologize.)

NOTICE: The following (and preceding) is intended to be, but may not be perceived to be, and may not be wholly or partially limited to, a non-offensive blog entry. The blog entry shall not, may or may not, does not, and is not necessarily, although may be UNINTENTIONALLY perceived to be, reflect or represent the views, viewpoints, opinions, feelings, leanings, or personal preferences of me (being Brett Probert (sorry if you're offended by so many parenthetical statements (my use of the apostrophic rendition of "you're" instead of "you are" is not intended in any way to be offensive (I am sorry if you're (or you are) offended by the occasional, though not intended to be offensive, but which may none-the-less be unintentionally considered to be such, of poor punctuation or grammar or missspelllllings of word or words (or the inability, though intended to be benign, although sometimes understood differently, to count how many punctuational ending little thingys that look like " ) " which may INADVERTANTLY result in an incorrect number of those aforementioned, though improperly named (which, BTW (I'm (or I am) sorry if you don't (or do not) understand or appreciate text message abbreviations such as, although not intended to be exclusively limited to, BTW) little punctuation notations previously notated as " ) " ))))) in any way, shape, or form (which is not intended to offensive to, and I apologize if it was unintentially perceived to be, other short words, terms, or phrases that describe inclusivity).

PLEASE (or "please" as I am not intending offense, and am not, nor have ever been, and am henceforth from this time intending to seem like I am yelling, screaming, angry (even righteous anger (which is not a Biblical term per se, and is not intended to speak on behalf of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or any saint (to be understood in a more universal or catholic, and not Catholic (although I am intending absolutely NO (or no) offensive to Catholics (note: my use of "Catholic" is an abbreviation for "Roman Catholic" which is not intended to be offensive to either Roman Catholics or Catholics of other Catholic traditions and is IN NO WAY (or in no way) intended to appear to elevate or debase in any way the Roman Catholic Church or Roman Catholic adherents or any other Catholic traditions or the adherents thereto) of the church either past, present or future (NB: (I am sorry if the notation "NB" which is an abbreviation for the French phrase "notez bien" is offensive and is not intended to be considered either an endorsement, preferential treatment to the French language, French speaking people, or France, or the debasing of any or all of those) use of the word), hurtful, cutting, demeaning, degrading, being too loud (or being too soft) do not take offensive to anything already mentioned or written below or beside this (or any other) text (or images) on this blog entry (or the links (which are not intended to lead to any offensive material nor to show preference to any blog or blogger over another) which may or may not be therein contained) consider yourself forewarned and pre-apologized to for the content of this, or any, and all, blog posts, comments, links, or other uses of, but not limited to, written language, images (photographic, drawn, or otherwise), and non-verbal means of communication (which is not intended to in any way offend by elevating or showing preference to, or superiority of, any or all of the aforementioned means of communication and is NOT (or not) intended to offend anyone, anywhere, who may or not be able to, or does not prefer, or who greatly prefers, one means of communication above or over or under another))).

I AM SORRY (or I am sorry, or i am sorry, or I'm sorry, or i'm sorry, or I apologize, or i apologize).

(NOTE: (or note) the preceding "sorry" was not intended to offend anyone, anywhere, for any reason and if it did, does, or will at some point, or points, of time in future, I am sorry...)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

...besides the Lord and Carla of course!

Here are a few projects I'm working on during my day off and free evenings:

My Telecaster that I am hot-rodding:

The guitar I'm building for the use of pastors and spouses at the Pastors Retreat Network: