Monday, March 31, 2008

6/10 of a percent... how much I lost by. Yes, I took 2nd place in the biggest loser. Me and the winner both lost 23 pounds, but he weighed less to start with. I did receive the $50 entry fee back as my consolation prize. I may not have won the biggest loser competition but I know in many people's eyes, I won a long time ago. Can I get an amen?

Friday, March 28, 2008

If I Could Only Be Like My Twin Sister....

Now I know that may sound strange, especially if you know her, so let me explain.

When we were kids, we had very mean parents. They made us do something called "chores." What this meant was mom and dad made lists of all the things they hated to do, then they made us do them instead. That way they got the stuff done, but they could sit out under the shade tree sipping tall cold drinks while we children were doing, as they called them, the "chores."

Now one such "chore" was cleaning up (or redding up for yins pissburghers an' 'at) the basement. This is where my twin's incredible skill really came to light. We 3 kids would begin cleaning up the basement when, after just a few minutes into the "chore", Brenda would develop an emergency (as if there were any other kind) case of diarrhea. This unfortunate illness would last, interestingly, only as long as the corresponding unpleasant chore lasted. Then she had some inate ability to simply cure herself. Wow.

Now as I begin this long final weekend before the biggest loser weigh-out, I find myself pining for this amazing skill. If only I could develop this illness lasting only through the unpleasant chore of losing weight this weekend, then be healed on Monday after the weigh-out, it would be great.

Any hints Brenda? In the meantime, I think I'll go lick some e. coli...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Starting Sunday!

I can't wait. We're doing a series called Mythbusters over the next few weeks at C3. We're doing all kinds of neato science experiments and linking them to myths about life and faith. If you live anywhere close, why not come check it out?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Biggest Loser Update

This is dangerous because I think some competetors are now reading my blog, but here's where I am. I am down 17 pounds (172 from 189) and the final weigh out is next Monday. Please pray for me as my diet has now been restricted to dehydrated water and Metamucil.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Week That Changed the World...

...has He changed your life? I pray He has...

Monday, March 17, 2008

(in a squeaky, elderly woman's voice) I have some good news...

So in one of the churches we have served, there is this elderly couple. The woman was blind in one eye and had macular degeneration in the other. She, of course, was no longer able to drive and was about 86 years old. Her husband, who'll I'll call "Pappy" was 84 and had numerous health problems. He had several major heart attacks and had bypass surgery several times. He had suffered several major strokes and was completely paralyzed on his left side. The two enjoyed a cup of coffee and a donut from the local gas station where they went each morning to get the local paper. Pappy was the driver.

After one of his lengthy hospital stays, I had gone to visit them in their apartment. It was probably 95 degrees in there and Pappy was sitting in his usual spot, the wheelchair. I visited for a while, feeling badly for Pappy. Here was this once vibrant man who was slouching in his wheelchair, barely able to hold his head up to look over at me. He was nearly drooling from his gaping mouth, but still smiling and pleasant as ever.

After a little break in the conversation, his nearly blind wife in her small squeaky voice says with a big smile, "We have some good news...." Now I'm expecting the announcement of a new great grandchild, or that Pappy was able to secure an electric wheelchair, or something like that. But no, she says "We have some good news...Pappy's driving again!"

Now all that to say...I have some good news...Bretty's driving again!

Good news is open to interpretation....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Don't Want "Your Thoughts"!!!

That's right, I don't. I'd rather have your prayers. Let me explain.

I am sick and tired of hearing people saying "my thoughts are with you." I hear people in authority often say this after some tragedy. "Our thoughts are with the family...." Oh boy, that'll help. Do you think that by thinking anything that you can change the outcome of a situation? Craziness, I say.

How about this: "Our PRAYERS are with the family..." You know, God might be able to do something in the situation. It certainly seems it would be slightly more plausible than trying to "think" something to change.

I've had people say to me during my recent surgery "you'll be in my thoughts." Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather be in your prayers. Then maybe the ONE who can make a difference will! Thanks!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Window, Part 3

Shadrach is in the backyard, but because this blog has been approved for all audiences, I won't tell you what I see.

Window, Part 2 I sit here with my knee up in the air with ice wrapped around it, I decided you're all probably very interested not only in the large snowflakes I observe, but probably everything that goes on. So I'll keep you updated as best I can.

Right now the flakes are smaller in size but more numerous. Also, the ROF has increased. That's meteorology talk for Rate of Fall.

From My Window on the World...

...I see the biggest snowflakes falling from the sky. They are bigger than any snowflakes I have ever seen in all of my 42 years, 318 days, 2 hours, and 16 minutes of life. True dat...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You're probably getting tired of hearing it...

...but here is the update.

I went to the orthopedic dr. yesterday and he was pleased. I started therapy yesterday and it hurts like a son of a motherless goat but no pain, no gain.

I'm hoping to get the brace off, to ditch the crutches, and to be able to drive by the end of the week or Monday at the latest. Keep praying!!!