Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back by Popular Demand!!!

Wow..somebody anonymously asked me to blog, so away I go.

First, happy Ash Wednesday (I think....)

Second, I'm going to North Carolina for a few days for a conference. I'll be back Saturday night so I'll be preaching Sunday. Sorry. My message is:

Third, I love winter but please pray for Spring. I want to ride my bike. I did get accepted into the very first round of motorcycle safety school so I'll be able to get my license by early April! Then no more permit restrictions. Woohoo!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

See You in Kilt

So I have this Blackberry with a modified QWERTY keyboard. (Mom: don't even ask, you'll never understand.) So I'm texting or emailing somebody and they say when is the mission trip this year? I TRY to respond "July." Seems simple, right? I mean that's why we have these things like Blackberrys, right? To make life simpler and better and happier an' 'at? Oh, but no! My QWERTY keyboard brings up Kilt as the first option. Now c'mon. How often do you use Kilt in a sentence?!? Can't we make July the first choice in the line of possible options?

I'm telling you, as soon as I redesign those rear seatbelts in my parents' '77 Impala, then redesign my lamppost cover so I don't lose the screws in the @%&*$*!! flowerbed when I replace the bulb, THEN I'm fixing this QWERTY quirk.

As they say in my family..."Why must I be tested?!"

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I just "unfriended" a facebook friend. For those of you still stuck in the dark ages (of last year) (read: MOM), facebook is a free "social networking" website that allows people to interact. It's kinda like being at a party online. You can "talk" to people, share photos or play silly party games. You can also choose who you want to be in your online party by making them your facebook "friend."
So today, I uninvited someone. I guess you could say I asked him to leave my party. Why? Because he is just so arrogant. He is forever talking about himself and has all the answers. The real "know-it-all" type. Drive me CRAZY!!!
So then I think, what about me? Maybe his arrogance is so annoying to me because it reminds me of my own? I hope not. And if I am, then Lord I am asking you to take that from me and replace it with only you. May I become less so that you can become more. May "my party" be about you.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Steeler Mania!

I was watching the game and I am sitting there with a blood pressure reading of roughly 800/500 and I'm wondering WHY? Why do I care so much? It's only a game! What difference does it all make? And yet, I'm so psyched I could barely sleep Sunday night. It is unbelievable how we get caught up in the energy of it all. At any rate, congrats to the Stillers and Lord, might my passion for you be as captivating and contagious!