Friday, October 06, 2006

Jesus, Be the Center

Well Sunday is the last day of our Cornerstone message series entitled "Jesus, Be the Center." I am excited because the closing week is about Jesus being the center of Cornerstone Church. In the end, I am challenging us to paint a picture of what our ministry will look like as we continue to seek to put Jesus fully in charge. Whaddya think? What are some evidences of a church that is truly devoid of "the sinful nature." What will we the people, the ministries, the place look like as we let Jesus be "the Head" of our "body?" Any takers?

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Keith McIlwain said...

"Devoid of the sinful nature"? Are you one of those rare Methodists who actually believes what Wesley said about the possibility of Christian perfection? Good for you. I hope the finale goes well, and that the presence of the Lord is all over the place!