Monday, October 30, 2006

SO glad to be HOME!!!

You know, I really love being a part of Cornerstone Church. I was in Chicago last week for a conference at Willow Creek. It was a lot of fun, mostly because I was traveling with some great friends. I laughed until I cried...several times! All these serious people are sitting around us in the conference and there Chris (who wrote a great review of the conference) and I are giggling like little girls with tears streaming down our faces. Oh well, lighten up world!

We had a great worship service yesterday. I just love being able to be ME! Our church is so neat in that we really are a "come as you are" kinda people. I had the privilege of preaching from Mark of my favorite passages. We were talking about how we who are in Christ need to be on the corners of the "mat" of our unsaved friends carrying them to WHO they really need....Jesus. It is just so good to be home. Can you tell I'm happy?!?!?

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Matt said...

Interesting passage...Our Senior Pastor preached on that this weekend as well, connecting it to the evangelism, but also the our new building, as Sunday was our Groundbreaking Ceremony for our new building project.