Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Contact First Name,

So I gets this email today that starts out: "Dear contact first name..." How personal! I know I want to respond to this right away!

Which reminds me of the message series we're in at Cornerstone called "Where Everybody Knows Your Name." That's the kind of church we want to be. I believe that the days of the megachurch are over and that the next generation is going to be earnestly seeking to belong in a true sense of community. And that is our vision for Cornerstone.

But we live in a world where this isn't always the case. I went to a small college, worked for a small manufacturing company, prefer pastoring a "smaller" church, have a small amount of hair and even a smaller brain. I guess I just value small. It is in the smaller more communal settings where I never have to be addressed as "contact first name..."

Oh yeah, and if you're wondering. That picture has nothing to do with my blog.

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Jackie said...

thought maybe you were showing perspective and how small we really are!