Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So today at the Pittsburgh Project, I was teaching my little ones a few Swahili words.  So now they're calling me Bwana Brett...but that's a different story.  So then I'm home this evening and while Carla's working, I'm just jammin some bluegrass on the ole guitar.  While I'm playing, our dog Shadrach decides to lie down.  Well he starts walking around in circles like 437 times before he decides that he found the right spot.   What a goof...and yet how are we like that?!?!  In fact, in the area of Africa that I lived as a Peace Corps volunteer, the word for white person is "mzungu."  OK, you ready for the humbling reality of what that word literally means? 

It means: person who keeps going around in circles!!!

So as I'm closing out my last month of preaching at Cornerstone and beginning my new ministry at the Pittsburgh Project.  And as we're getting all settled into our new house, and as life is crazy, I'm trying to remember the truth of Psalm 46:10..."be still and know that I am God..."  In other words, I'm trying to not be such a mzungu!!!


Jeff St.Clair said...

The Pittsburgh Project? Where's that bro? Wow, I had no idea what was happening recently. Tell Carla hi and hope the move into your new pad is not too stressing.

Brett Probert said...

Dude...how are ya man? TPP is a ministry on the Northside very near where we're living. How are you? The new digs are awesome...you'll have to visit sometime. How are things in the south hills?