Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Peace, bro.

So on my way home from The Pittsburgh Project today, I stopped off at the local thrift store.  Now it's called the Red, White, and Blue Thrift store on Ohio River Boulevard but my neighbor calls it "The Boutique on the Boulevard."  Sounds much classier that way!

Anywho, in the midst of my buying two long sleeve t-shirts and a vase for our hall tree (all for $5!), a guy who I'll call "Dan" starts talking to me.  (I'll call him Dan because he said "Hey...what's your name?  My name is Dan."  He said to me "Wow, you keep it up, bro."  I said "keep what up?"  And that's when the conversation started.

He told me that it looked like I was a man at peace.  He said that so many people are running around in this world all bothered by the stuff life throws at us and he could tell by my face that I was living a life of peace.  He said he thought I had figured out a way to not let the stresses of the world get me down.

Well, I hope he's right.  I mean walking a life of faith in Jesus has really changed my heart.  The things I once worried about I find I worry about less.   The more I surrender to Him and keep my heart focused on Him and His purpose for me, the less I find that I'm stressin' about the stuff.  You know, the stuff?

So thank God for the peace.  It sure does pass my understanding.  And I hope not only my new friend Dan but others can see the peace on my face...'cause it sure is in my heart!


Anonymous said...

Way to let Jesus shine through you! Isn't it cool that just becoming more like Jesus every day shows up on our faces! Because it flows from the Spirit into the heart and out to others..."out of the heart flow the issues of life."

amelia said...

this makes me HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

Where's Dan when I need him. I think that's awesome! I try to always give compliments to people so I think that Dan seems like a great person. Also, maybe you were at peace because you were in that store. i LOVE that store! I am actually going tomorrow or tuesday. We should make a date there sometime, then hit my favorite coffee shop. Miss ya and continue the peace bro!!

Raylen Darby said...

Thats awesome Brett! Like Jaye basically said you let other people know that there was something really great about your life, something that makes you really at peace. That thing just happened to be Jesus. You just earned yourself 50,000 bonus points. (F.Y.I.- The bonus points mean nothing.) LOL!


Anonymous said...

Peace... I picture you riding your Harley with the wind whipping through where your hair should be, and I can also picture the scenario that caused Dan to approach you. How's it go, if your eye is good then your whole body will be full of light. We don't have to open our mouths to witness and what a blessing the Holy Spirit is.

Tam Miller said...


Brett Probert said...

Jaye: Thanks!

Amelia: PTL!

Helene: Back at ya!

Raylen: I miss you!

Guy: Thanks. I'm praying you go bald some day. Sounds like you're doing're prayed for my friend!

Tammy: Thank you Mrs. Miller!