Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Years Blessings

Just a few quick lines to say how blessed I am at the beginning of a new year.  First, we who call ourselves The Pittsburgh Project started out our new year together with a day of prayer and seeking the Lord together.  How awesome is that?  What it is a blessing it is to belong to such a group of Kingdom-hearted people!

Then last night I was able to attend the first of four nights of prayer and fasting at Hosanna Church.  There were about 30 people gathered for a time of praying in the new year for four consecutive evenings.  How awesome it was to spend an evening with other "saints" as we sought the Lord in repentance and restoration for how we have behaved as Christians and as a church.

I can't think of better ways to live out "happy new year!"


Raylen Darby said...

I've never heard of anything like that before. I mean we pray at church and at dinner and before bed but I've never heard of a prayer night before. I'm glad you found one. It's Awesome!!!!!

Brett Probert said...

Thanks Raylen!!!!

Raylen Darby said...

Your Welcome!