Thursday, September 03, 2009

Doin' the Stuff

John Wimber, controversial pastor, preacher, teacher, and minister of decades gone by is sorta famous for this line "doin' the stuff." He came of out a drug life into a relationship with Jesus Christ. After reading through the New Testament and worshiping in a church for a while, he was led to ask the pastor when we "get to do the stuff." By the stuff, he meant the miracles of Jesus...the healings and the instantaneous changes of life that Jesus brought about. The pastor kinda shrugged him off and indicated that Jesus did the stuff, but we don't anymore...

What a shame. Why have we dismissed the supernatural abilities of an awesome God. Why do we do our own stuff, and often with very little kingdom impact, all the while not letting God do His?


Chris said...

you need to attach #rethinkchurch to that post. Lets get to doin the stuff!

Brett Probert said... bad. #rethinkchurch