Tuesday, September 22, 2009

G20 Scmee Scmwenty

So here are some thoughts on the G-20 Summit in Pburgh this week:

  • Who cares?
  • What if all the protesters went on a mission trip for a week and did some real good?
  • Or what if the protesters got jobs?
  • Or what if the world leaders got jobs?
  • Or what if the world leaders got saved?
  • Or what if the protesters got saved?
  • This summit is pointless...in the words of the great theologian "The WHO" - "...meet the new boss, same as the old boss..."
 I'm thinking of offering my own "discount" summit in these hard economic times:

G-17.95 Summit!  You save over 10%.  But wait, we're not finished...we'll send you a second G absolutely free (just pay separate shipping and processing fees....)


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Greg Cox said...

I really get upset with people who think that breaking the law should be protected under free speech simply because what they eventually intend to do is actually speak. No, I'm sorry, but camping out on private property is not speech.

Brett Probert said...

yes, Greg, but is throwing poo?

Ben said...

This is the latest update from the G20.

Home owner's association fees are due soon. Also, please hide your garbage cans in a better location. Your HOA dictator is expected to speak to the entire council tomorrow. Camping out in your neighborhood and spilling of urine in the neighborhood is illegal.