Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life's a Trip!

So the other evening Carla was working and I was bored so I went out for a long (like 190 miles) ride on the hawg.  As I was cruising up the highway nearing sundown, I was just admiring how beautiful the sky was that evening.  The clouds were gorgeous and the colors that God had used to paint the evening sky were absolutely breathtaking.  As I cruised along, I noticed something....everyone else on the road seemed to be going somewhere!!!  I wasn't...I was just enjoying the ride.  In fact, the ride was the whole purpose for the evening.  But I seemed to be rather alone in that.  People passed me and never seemed to notice the sky, or the sumac turning red, or the deer and turkey far off in the neighboring fields.  They were all going somewhere, but they forgot to enjoy the ride...

A great theologian, John Magargee, once taught me about the dangers of destination disease.  You know, how we focus on where we're going and forget to enjoy the journey of getting there?  So that evening, I was free...free to enjoy the journey and not worry so much about where I was going.  Didn't Jesus say something about the "road to life?"  You think He was really trying to remind us the simple truth that life's a trip?

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