Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sometimes, It Just Fixes Itself

So it isn't much, but it's my car.  It's a '99 Saturn SC-1. I'm thinkin the SC stands for super cool.  Anywho, about a year ago, the windshield wipers started sorta just coming on and off on their own volition, even though they probably don't have a volition.  So you can be driving down the highway on a bootyful sunny day and like all of the sudden they just start wiping.  Sometimes on fast, sometimes on slow, sometimes on pause, and sometimes some combination thereof.  And then they stop...sometimes down at the bottom where they're 'apposta and sometimes just right in the middle of the field of vision.

So people (read: Carla) say "why don't you get them fixed?"  Well, the car is prolly worth less than a good set of wiper blades to start with and I'm just not thinking that it is really worth it.  Do I have pride?  Do I care if my wipers are on when it's such a nice day?  Heck no!  I just care that I'm not giving some mechanic his child's next tuition payment to "fix" the problem.

Now all that to say, my car seldom does the windshield washer thing anymore.  Maybe it just got tired.  Maybe it was a battle of wills and I won.  Maybe they just fixed themselves.  Who knows.  But it gets me to thinking how much energy we put toward things that really don't need our energy at all. 

Wasn't it Jesus who told that story about the farmer who...well, you can read it here.


Lynn said...

Have you been hanging around any Catholic Priests?? Maybe they accidently dropped some holy water in your car and an exercism was performed without anyone's knowledge?

Brett Probert said...

Good stuff!